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Creating the Conditions for Integration

By: Ben Gidley, Senior Researcher “Communities together not apart”, “Eric Pickles puts Big Lunch at the heart of effort to unite communities”, “Eric Pickles signals end to multiculturalism and says Tories will stand up for majority”,  “Immigrants will be expected … Continue reading

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Border Crossing: Material Culture & Experience

By: Marisa Macari, COMPAS DPhil Student Migration from Mexico to the US is the largest and most continuous migration in the history of the world.  A large proportion of the undocumented Mexican population in the US entered the country through … Continue reading

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Is there such a thing as migration?

By: Biao Xiang Imagine: two pieces of pine are coming from Poland by air, fifteen oak trees travel from China by boat, by air, and finally by truck, eleven maples arrive from Argentina (three of them claim to be apples … Continue reading

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Migration and Economic Growth

By: Carlos Vargas Silva, Senior Researcher and Quantitative Data Analyst, Migration Observatory A government is deemed ‘successful’ if national GDP growth is strong. A country is said to be on the right track if it is growing faster than other countries. … Continue reading

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