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Dispatches from Chicago: the home of political science for four days every April

By: Scott Blinder, Senior Researcher, Migration Observatory Two weeks ago (April 11-14) I was in Chicago for the annual meetings of the Midwest Political Science Association. Despite the regional moniker, this organisation with national and even international reach puts on … Continue reading

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By: Mikal Mast, Administrative Assistant I’m Dutch-American: second generation on my Mother’s side, third generation on my Father’s. Like one quarter of all Americans, my ancestors came to America through Ellis Island – my maternal grandfather arriving last, in 1907. … Continue reading

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Pen-top emotion

By Emma Newcombe, Communications Manager I was standing on a registration desk at a recent COMPAS event, taking names and directing people.  I said to a person registering ‘help yourself to some free COMPAS materials’, she responded by getting quite excited … Continue reading

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Who’s in?

By: Hiranthi Jayaweera, Senior Researcher These days we are constantly told that as human beings we have certain rights that cannot be denied or questioned. But we are also told that people and groups need to be classified, separated, treated … Continue reading

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