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No Way Out, No Way In

By: Vanessa Hughes, Research Officer Over the past few weeks the issue of child detention has once again reached the headlines of the British press. Despite the government’s promise that this ugly practice has stopped, the Refugee Council found that … Continue reading

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Only connect? Migration and the right to the city

By: Michael Keith, Director Recently the London Borough of Newham hit the headlines when writing to housing associations and private landlords in Stoke on Trent (over 150 miles away) looking for rented accommodation to offer to people on their housing … Continue reading

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On display in Stockholm

By: Bridget Anderson, Deputy Director and Senior Research Fellow Tribunal 12, modelled on the 1966 Russell Tribunal, was held in Stockholm on 12th May 2012. It accused Europe of continual violation of human rights and the systematic mistreatment of refugees, … Continue reading

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Clandestine migration in the Greek-Turkish border region: shifting routes and complex control infrastructures

By: Franck Düvell, Senior Researcher On a Wednesday in March, it was already around midnight, I was sitting in an Egyptian-run tea shop in Istanbul Kumkapi chatting so some Somalis when a fifth man joined our group. It soon turned out … Continue reading

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Controlling the purse strings

By: Vicky Kingsman, Research Centre Administrator I arrived at COMPAS in 2006 fresh from Brazil sporting a rapidly fading tan and a rather empty bank account. Luckily the maternity cover post for Centre Administrator came up at COMPAS and I … Continue reading

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