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What do they talk about when they (Miliband and Cameron) talk about immigration?

By: Scott Blinder, Senior Researcher, Migration Observatory Just over a month ago, Labour leader Ed Miliband gave a much-trailed “major” public address on the topic of immigration. After Labour had largely remained quiet about the issue in the first two … Continue reading

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The Light of Evidence

By Ben Gidley, Senior Researcher at COMPAS Although COMPAS is probably best known for its migration research, the P in its name stands for Policy, and it is part of our mission to inform policy-making and public debate. As David … Continue reading

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Our Migrations Journey into British Art

By Emma Newcombe, COMPAS Communications Manager and Ali Rogers, COMPAS Research Associate Migrations: Journeys into British Art is an exhibition currently showing at Tate Britain. Its intention is to explore how migration has shaped the course of British art over … Continue reading

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The migrant as an invented subject: a response

By: Bridget Anderson, Deputy Director and Senior Research Fellow I detect a note of frustration in Xiang Biao’s introduction to last week’s blog. Readers are refusing to be provoked so he tries again to be provocative and so far at least … Continue reading

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Are there such people as “migrants”?

By: Xiang Biao, University Lecturer in Social Anthropology My last blog (Is There Such Thing as Migration?), written for the purpose of provoking critiques and comments, has provoked no response as far as I can see. I thus decide to try … Continue reading

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