New Lives and Dreams: The Results

By: Ida Persson, Events & Pr Officer

This year’s Photo Competition had the theme “New Lives and Dreams”. We were looking for images that depict the impact that migration has on people’s lived experiences, both in terms of hopes and reasons for moving, as well as the effect that migration has on life in work, communities and homes.

Yesterday the judges, Michael Keith (COMPAS Director) and Rachel Jones (Photographer), met to decide a winner, a second place and ten runners up. With a large number of high quality images depicting varying and intriguing perceptions of migration, the decision was not an easy one.

Winning images

Winner, Sheida Faroozi, ‘New Lives (Immigrant)’

A winner was, however, chosen from the nearly 100 photos submitted to the competition. Entitled “New Lives (Immigrant)” the winning entry came from Sheida Faroozi.

In second place was a very different image, depicting a South African woman taking part in a St. Patricks Day parade, entitled “Hopes and Dreams”. As the photographer, Sandra McGrath states, “she is embracing our culture but very much proud of her own”. The photographers of the winning and second place images win £250 and £100 respectively.

The images are a fascinating reflection of the different phases of, as well as the different experiences of migration. They also offer insight into the new experiences of culture and life that migration can present.


Runners up
Another ten images were shortlisted as runners up. Each photographer will receive £50 for their shortlisted submissions.

Descriptions of some of the photographs gave an interesting insight into their background and why the photographers found them interesting. For example, shortlisted entry “About the Future” by Crina Boros was described as “A Tibetan child is asked by her father to hold up the Tibetan flag at the Olympic Torch Relay in London, prior to the Beijing Olympics in 2008. The Tibetan Diaspora in Britain came together on the occasion to protest against the occupation of their homeland. In Tibet, protesters risk imprisonment.

Shortlisted, Paolo Cardullo, Untitled

Another photograph, by Paolo Cardullo, explains that the image “engages with the unusual (for Italy) syncretisation of food, where local producers of flour OO, typically and proudly used for pasta, re-brand this as ‘Chapati Flour’, for the use of the emergent Punjabi group in that region.”

Shortlisted images included pictures from all over the world, including the UK, Sri Lanka, Mynmar, Nepal, Ireland, Uganda, Nigeria, and Singapore, among many others. We look forward to announcing the theme of the COMPAS Photo Competition 2013 and to many more exciting entries giving an insight into the experiences of migration!

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