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Gender and Migration: Reflecting on the Debate

By: Bridget Anderson, Professor of Migration and Citizenship and Deputy Director of COMPAS Women are no longer rendered invisible in the migratory process. Their movement―as workers, as refugees, as partners, dependants, and students―is now firmly on the agenda. While this is … Continue reading

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EU migration and welfare benefits: Is unrestricted labour immigration compatible with an inclusive welfare state?

By: Martin Ruhs, Associate Professor of Political Economy and Senior Researcher (This blog was first posted on 25 June on The Price of Rights website) Reforming the rules for the free movement of workers within the European Union (EU) is one … Continue reading

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Sex discrimination and UK immigration law

By: Catherine Briddick, DPhil candidate, Law Faculy, University of Oxford Catherine’s research examines European responses to violence against women that have developed in migration law. Catherine is a barrister (now non-practicing) who has worked on violence against women issues in the … Continue reading

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The making of our categories

By: Ole Jensen, Research Officer We all organise our world as we live through it, categorising our experiences, with our categories based on who we are, what kind of cultural baggage we carry with us. As I will elaborate below, … Continue reading

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Securing a Good (Female) Coyote: Women and the Facilitation of Extralegal Border Crossings

By: Gabriella Sanchez, Assistant Professor at the Center for the Advancement of Children, Youth, and Families at the Catholic University of America. This post is part of the joint blog series on ‘Gender and Migration’ co-hosted by Border Criminologies and COMPAS. Posts in … Continue reading

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