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Claiming the flag

By: Ole Jensen, Research Officer Mid-April, and approaching another St. George’s Day. Last year, at approximately this time, we were getting ready for the first leg of the EUMIA fieldwork, focussing on the St. George’s Day celebration in Bermondsey, South … Continue reading

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Nikkei Cuisine: understanding immigration through food

By: Ayumi Takenaka, Research Officer Food can tell us a lot about immigrant integration.  Immigration transforms local food; immigrants, in turn, assimilate local food into their diets. Through the transformation of food, one can see how immigrants adapt and identify … Continue reading

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The Crisis in Ukraine and its Implications for Migration in Europe

By: Franck Düvell, Senior Reseacher In Russia, Putin has established a kleptocracy, a regime which allows the elites to plunder the country and its people (Granville 2003, The Guardian 2010, Bobinski 2014 ), and it is this system as much … Continue reading

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Notes on power in scenes of denunciation

By: Dace Dzenovska, Senior Researcher and Marie Curie Fellow It was the UK Home Office’s appeal to the public to report on suspected illegal migrants or workers that first alerted me to the role of denunciations in liberal democracies (see my … Continue reading

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Remittances and the Business Cycle: A Reliable Relationship?

By: Carlos Vargas-Silva, Senior Researcher, Migration Observatory International development organisations and academic researchers often suggest that remittances could have a beneficial impact on receiving countries. One of the key areas in which remittances have the potential to be particularly useful … Continue reading

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