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The Life of a Multiple Migrant

By: Ayumi Takenaka, Research Officer As immigration has grown in volume, so has its complexity. Today, people do not simply move once and settle. They increasingly keep on moving, twice or more, not just between their country of origin and … Continue reading

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Migration and the political

By: Dace Dzenovska, Departmental Lecturer in the Anthropology of Migration This blog was first posted in the series “Migration and Citizenship”, a collaboration with Politics in Spires, on October 30 2014.  Ever since the collapse of second-world socialisms as “actually existing” political alternatives to global … Continue reading

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The roots of radicalism: Family, society and the solace of religion

By: Morwari Zafar, DPhil in Anthropology, COMPAS/School of Anthropology This blog was first posted on Opedspace, 24 November 2014 Have you ever been so heartbroken that you joined the conservative faction of a local mosque? Khalid did, because he felt … Continue reading

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Climate change and migration: COMPAS December Breakfast Briefing

By: Ben Gidley, Associate Professor and Senior Researcher What does it feel like to be flooded? The media monitoring project at the Migration Observatory has analysed thousands of UK news articles on migration from the last few years, showing which … Continue reading

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The floating label of ‘the migrant’

By: Bastian Vollmer, Leverhulme Research Fellow This blog was first posted in the series “Migration and Citizenship”, a collaboration with Politics in Spires, on October 23 2014.  “Hang on they are not tourists”, a UK citizen said to his wife … Continue reading

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