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Schooling, mobility and belonging

By: Mette Louise Berg, Departmental Lecturer, Anthropology of Migration Formal education and schooling have been central tenets in the quest for modernity across post-colonial societies in the twentieth century. Schools have been seen as vehicles for producing modern, national subjects. Yet … Continue reading

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A tale of two cities: Melilla and Calais

By: Myriam Cherti, Senior Researcher Melilla and Calais are two European cities struggling to stem the flow of irregular migrants. One an enclave on the African coast, the other a port in mainland Europe, both are on irregular migration’s frontline. … Continue reading

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What’s in a name? An overview of the latest COMPAS Breakfast Briefing

By: Ben Gidley, Associate Professor and Senior Researcher In a week in which a government minister described parts of Britain as “swamped” by migrants and “under siege”, it is clear that the language we use to talk about migration is … Continue reading

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From New Helots to New Diasporas: a retrospective for Robin Cohen

By: Nick Van Hear, Senior Researcher and Deputy Director Robin Cohen has been at the forefront of migration and diaspora studies for at least three decades, and as he passed his 70th birthday in the summer we thought it fitting … Continue reading

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Immigration and ‘labour market tests’: Who should be protected against whom?

By: Martin Ruhs, Associate Professor of Political Economy and Senior Researcher The great majority of labour immigration programmes (and almost all temporary labour migration programmes) in high-income countries operate “labour market tests”, which aim to ensure that employers recruit migrant workers … Continue reading

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