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Are migrant health professionals welcome in the UK?

By: Helen McCarthy, Research Assistant As the health sector continues to rely on health professionals from overseas, we set out to explore what working in such a diverse workforce means for daily interactions in the workplace. For the Work-Int project, … Continue reading

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A tale of two cities: Melilla and Calais

By: Myriam Cherti, Senior Researcher Melilla and Calais are two European cities struggling to stem the flow of irregular migrants. One an enclave on the African coast, the other a port in mainland Europe, both are on irregular migration’s frontline. … Continue reading

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Immigration and ‘labour market tests’: Who should be protected against whom?

By: Martin Ruhs, Associate Professor of Political Economy and Senior Researcher The great majority of labour immigration programmes (and almost all temporary labour migration programmes) in high-income countries operate “labour market tests”, which aim to ensure that employers recruit migrant workers … Continue reading

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Human rights in health: migrants in low-skilled work in Asia

By: Hiranthi Jayaweera, Senior Researcher As the construction boom in the West Asian (Gulf) countries continues, including building of the World Cup related structures in Qatar and the complex of international museums in Abu Dhabi, there is increasing attention and … Continue reading

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The Upward Concentration of Chinese Emigration and the Rise of China

By: XIANG Biao, University Lecturer in Social Anthropology “Is the third wave of outmigration emptying China?” This provocative headline in the influential Southern Daily in China on 13 December 2011 reflects a topic of heated debate since the end of the … Continue reading

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