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Recognition and redistribution in Latin America: Reflections on the meaning of multiculturalism

By Anna Krausova, Research Officer The concept of multiculturalism is often an integral part of the debate on migration in the UK; and in recent years, proclamations that ‘multiculturalism has failed’ have frequently been made in the public debate. This … Continue reading

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Figuring out diaspora roles in social recovery

by: Nick Van Hear, Deputy Director, COMPAS The attitude to diasporas in settings of conflict and crisis has shifted over the years.  A decade or more ago they were seen as troublesome ‘long distance nationalists’ exerting power from abroad while … Continue reading

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The Crisis in Ukraine and its Implications for Migration in Europe

By: Franck Düvell, Senior Reseacher In Russia, Putin has established a kleptocracy, a regime which allows the elites to plunder the country and its people (Granville 2003, The Guardian 2010, Bobinski 2014 ), and it is this system as much … Continue reading

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Health and border control

By: Hiranthi Jayaweera, Senior Researcher The UK coalition government has recently put forward proposals to further regulate migrants’ access to health care provision by extending charging for some services, for some groups. This includes an ‘immigration health surcharge’ (proposed around … Continue reading

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Re-Thinking ‘Risk’ in Migration

By: Esra Kaytaz, DPhil Social Anthropology The recent tragedies in the Mediterranean[1] and the Pacific[2] drew attention to the dangers of irregular journeys. Despite the dangers, migrants continue to take undertake risky, hazardous journeys.[3] Partly in order to explain this phenomenon, … Continue reading

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