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The Crisis in Ukraine and its Implications for Migration in Europe

By: Franck Düvell, Senior Reseacher In Russia, Putin has established a kleptocracy, a regime which allows the elites to plunder the country and its people (Granville 2003, The Guardian 2010, Bobinski 2014 ), and it is this system as much … Continue reading

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Ten features of labour immigration policies in high-income countries

By: Martin Ruhs, University Lecturer in Political Economy and Senior Researcher How do high-income countries regulate labour immigration? I have analysed policies in over 46 countries and this blog summarises some of the key findings.  For a more detailed discussion, see … Continue reading

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From the 2013 Syrian Refugee Conference to the 1938 Conference of Evian: How far have we come?

By: Franck Düvell, Senior Researcher The suffering and dying of Syrian and other Refugees on the outskirts of Europe and which lessons could be learned from the failure of the international community to rescue the European Jews?[1] – ‘The British … Continue reading

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Migrants in the Census: How to find them, and what to do with them

By: Anna Krausova, Research Officer, Migration Observatory As census data relating to migration continues to pour out, it is clear that it is an invaluable source of information about the nature of migration in the UK. Yet despite its unique … Continue reading

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City responses to irregular migrants

By: Sarah Spencer, Senior Fellow European cities have a rare opportunity today (10 September) at the Integrating Cities conference in Tampere to discuss their differing responses to the needs of irregular (undocumented) migrants – rare because of the sensitivity of the … Continue reading

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