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The base: From peasant revolution to labour migration management

By: Biao Xiang, Professor in Social Anthropology Mao assured his comrades in 1930 that the Chinese socialist revolution would succeed when the red army encountered unprecedented difficulties. The sure victory was not because the revolutionary force was strong and the … Continue reading

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The conflicting policy agendas of immigration control and ending child poverty

By: Jonathan Price, Research Officer Welfare benefit restrictions have been used by the UK government for years in an attempt to manage migration as well as create savings to the public purse. These restrictions are part of a broader package … Continue reading

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The right to have rights: Safeguarding children from destitution

By: Ben Gidley, Associate Professor and Senior Researcher The legal framework that governs how a child in Britain with migrant parents can access welfare rights is incredibly complex: on the one hand, a century of immigration and nationality legislation that … Continue reading

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Gender, class and migration governance: a labour sending country perspective

By: Hiranthi Jayaweera, Senior Researcher This post is part of the joint blog series on ‘Gender and Migration’ co-hosted by Border Criminologies and COMPAS. Posts in this series will be published on both blogs every Friday until the end of June.  In … Continue reading

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What do we know about the reasons for migration and the social and economic characteristics of migrants in the UK?

By: Ben Gidley, Associate Professor and Senior Researcher The March COMPAS Breakfast Briefing was presented by Jon Simmons, who leads the migration research at the UK Home Office. He presented three important recent Home Office Science reports on migrants into the … Continue reading

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